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Online advertising is one of the most cost effective and measurable ways you can reach your target audience with a strong call to action offer or a branding campaign. But when we say its cost effective, what does that mean in terms of actual costs to your business?

To get started with an effective and targeted online advertising campaign that delivers sales leads to your business, we would recommend a marketing budget of $2 - $5k.* 

But what do you get for your money?

For that, you will get an website landing page to support your online advertising campaign and to entice the user to make contact with your business. With a single focus on converting visitors into leads, landing pages are all about positive ROI. Landing pages must be well designed, visually appealing, and easy to use if paid website traffic is going to be converted into something valuable - a sales lead. (See more on landing pages that drive conversion)

The next important step in building your online advertising campaign is to set up your Google AdWords PPC campaign. To do this, we work with you to develop a strong call to action offer that is intended to drive enquiries. Setting up a Google PPC campaign can be a tricky business - ensuring that keywords and your ads are designed to drive the most amount of clicks and sales leads for your business - Icon's AdWords certified professionals set up your campaign for maximum effectiveness.

Now that your campaign is set up to drive targeted clicks to your landing page, Icon's team continue to optimise, update and manage the campaign to ensure consistent results for your budget. You'll receive regular updates, recommendations and reports to ensure your campaign stays on track and is delivering the qualified sales leads to grow your business.


* $2k - $5k spend recommended over three month campaign and includes landing page, Google AdWords set up and Management and Google Media Spend.