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A bounce occurs when a user visits a website and exits the page from which they came without having moved to another page on the same website.

A higher bounce rate means users leave your website without viewing any additional pages. A lower bounce rate means users stay on your website and have moved to a different page within your website.

But what is a good bounce rate? A good bounce rate is a bounce rate that is lower that the period before and one that continues to drop. Your overall site bounce rate is an average of all your pages.

Keeping track of your bounce rate is a quality indicator to determine which pages are working for you. Before you become alarmed, know this: a high bounce rate does not indicate failure! Perhaps some of you pages have a high bounce rate that's effecting the overall site rate.

If you find some pages have a higher bounce rate, start there. You can update the content, offer more call to action or a clear path of where visitors can go to next or perhaps need to remove the page all together.

Google Analytics Bounce Rate Dashboard