Update from ICON regarding COVID-19

Ever tried typing a URL into your smartphone only to get it wrong, get frustrated and stop typing?
You should include a QR code on your marketing instead so customers don’t have to type in your long URL only to get it wrong and give up!

Why wouldn’t you want to use a tool that freely drives people to your website? You can easily build traffic to your site with a QR code and there are now programmes that track the analytics of QR codes, which help pinpoint what is effective and even track conversion rate.

The great thing about these QR codes is that they are free to generate and free to use.Icon QR Code

It’s easy and free to download a QR code scanner app, once done, people can scan the QR code, then browse the site they are taken to.

So why would you use a QR code?

  • Drives people to your website
  • Gets people interacting with your brand
  • Use it as a call to action
  • You can measure different campaigns via their QR Code URL’s
  • You can apply a QR to almost anything these days; put it on a Newspaper ad, packaging, posters, the side of a bus. You can also modify your QR code into different colours and forms or even into the shape of your logo. QR codes are an effective and relatively inexpensive way to market, try creating your own QR code now.