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Pay per Click advertising online is a powerful tool that when used well, can drive leads and sales to your website, however used poorly and you’ll end up with a lot of new website traffic but not much else. And this can be an expensive way just to drive more traffic to your website if you aren’t converting into leads and sales.

However in some campaigns driving website traffic can be the goal in itself, like in an awareness or education campaign.

A colleague recently asked me when I was explaining the benefits of PPC for one of her clients, “Well why isn’t everyone using PPC then?”adwords certified partner web EN

As a Google AdWords Certified Individual and Company, we do promote different ways to us Pay per click advertising to meet client and campaign goals and objectives, however we also need to make sure that there are well defined goals and objectives before embarking on any such campaign.

Is PPC for everyone?
Its like any advertising program, it can work, but only if approached in the right way with end goals in mind.

Before developing any PPC campaign, Icon don’t start planning with your keywords or ad creatives, we start with the end in mind – what do you want to achieve and what will make this a successful campaign. From there, our digital team creative compelling landing pages on you website, ensure clear call to actions and build your PPC campaign around it.

PC advertising is a complex machine, but when done correctly, it can benefit just about any business model