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Why you urgently need SSL to avoid website penalties

Did you know that a little green padlock could save your business? Really!

It’s true. From last month, you will find out just how important a little green padlock can be when website browsers are turning customers away from yourwebsite by telling them it’s simply “not trustworthy.”

Why would Google do that to me?

Google Chrome are going to clearly alert users if they are on a secure (SSL) or insecure (non SSL) website. Other browsers such as Safari and Firefox won’t be far behind.

Unsafe SSL

The above safety warning examples are what users will see when browsing websites, and those without SSL certificates that are deemed NOT SECURE could possibly scare your customers away.

Not enough of a reason?

Say your customers don’t worry about the security warning, well what if they can’t find you at all? Websites without SSL Certificates will also soon be penalised and likely drop-down rank in search engine results, meaning this will likely impact your visibility on the web.

What is an SSL Certificate?

It is a beacon of hope in the swirling ocean that is the internet. It lets potential customers easily identify that your site is secure for them to visit and interact with. It lets them feel safe in the knowledge that only the right people will have access to their information.

Without an SSL certificate, it is possible that information submitted to your website can be intercepted. This includes – passwords, usernames, credit card numbers, sensitive information and documents being submitted to your site by users, visitors, clients / employees.


If you are unsure if you have SSL Certificate, you can check here.

So, what can I do?

Contact us today so we can provision and manage the SSL Certificate on your behalf. Call 1300 138 984 or contact us online.