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There are arguments to both sides of the coin. It really depends on whether what your competitor is doing it smart! Here are a few ideas to think about for when you are thinking about doing what your competitor does. If they’re doing it – why not do it better? Improve on what already exists. Th..... Read More
As the web becomes increasing the first place to engage people, your website design, navigation and interaction needs to ensure that it offers people a range of options to communicate with you, too often we assume that every visitor to our website is ready to purchase. But this is where we need to g..... Read More
Lead generation is core to the business sales process. Feeding leads into the sales funnel, qualifying the leads by phone call, meeting or sales call and then converting the hot prospects into actual sales. It’s a fairly standard sales funnel and fundamentally comes down to a numbers game. 1000 le..... Read More
While having a lot of Facebook fans makes you look great, it doesn’t have real impact your business growth or sales targets. You need to use your Facebook content and interactions to entice you’re audience to go past your Facebook page and spend time on your website. After all, your website is w..... Read More
A distinguishing feature of B2B markets is the importance of the personal relationship. Personal relationships and trust develop. It is not unusual for a business-to-business supplier to have customers that have been loyal and committed for many years. However, in the modern B2B sales funnel, perso..... Read More
The entire role of B2B marketing, and the marketing department or B2B marketing agency, is to feed the sales funnel. Promote the right messages to the right target market to influence them to make a sale. Thats it! Having them like you on Facebook or follow you on Twitter are just great, but the ai..... Read More
A 2012 Fournaise Marketing Group study found that 73% of executives don’t believe that marketing drives demand and revenue. Not great news for marketing executives the worldwide. But in 2013, can we start the change this by producing marketing strategies and campaigns that directly can be attribut..... Read More
The B2B sales cycle is much different to B2C. The sales cycle for B2C in a typical retail environment is short – people come into your store or your website wanting to buy for their own personal use. However, in B2B and industrial businesses, you are still selling to a person – but they are buyi..... Read More
Traditionally in B2B sales, each salesperson had a small customer base that buys from them regularly. Sales and technical representatives visit the customers often and were on first name basis with their customers. Traditionally, many B2B suppliers had customers that have been loyal and committed fo..... Read More
So what does that mean to your business. It means that you need have a customer service and sales cycle strategy in place to ensure your repeat customers continue to do business with you and feel like they are valued customers. But what does that look like? In the B2B world, that means making frequ..... Read More