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As the web becomes increasing the first place to engage people, your website design, navigation and interaction needs to ensure that it offers people a range of options to communicate with you, too often we assume that every visitor to our website is ready to purchase. But this is where we need to go back to traditional – but still fundamental – consumer buyer behaviour and ensure the website offers a range engagement options.Consumer Buyer Behaviour

For those who may just be doing product research – offer downloads, guides, free information and advice to help them in their research.

Maybe others are interested in your brand, but not quite in the market for your product – offer a free monthly newsletter so you can keep in touch.

The idea is to still capture the details of these potential future customers so at the time when they are ready to purchase, your brand and your product is top of mind.

For those who are hot to trot ready to purchase, ensure you have easy contact forms, buy now, make enquiries button on all the product pages so you are capturing the customers when they are inspired to make a purchase.

Social Marketing Integration is a key element to the success of the early engagement of clients in the sales process. We'll follow up on how to use social media as part of your lead nurturing process in another blog