Update from ICON regarding COVID-19

Quick Recap of the Poor Keyword Usage and Keyword Abuse Roadblocks!

  • Stuffing Keywords - Limit yourself to 2 keywords or keyword phrases for every 100 words.
  • Bolded Keywords - Save bolded keywords for headers or when it’s stylistically correct to emphasize.
  • Excessive Keywords Ensure your keywords provide informative value and are relevant to your article topic.
  • Misspelled/Grammatically Incorrect Keywords - Write content naturally and proofread your articles thoroughly.
  • Variations of Keywords - Focus on writing for your readers and avoid adding dashes, commas, or spaces to keyword phrases (unless grammatically correct).
  • Always provide quality, informative content that targets readers, not search engines. Without the proper incorporation (and moderation) of keywords, throwing keywords at articles will damage your credibility and readers will be less inclined to click-through to your blog or website.

Maintain your credibility and increase trust with your readers by incorporating keywords moderately in your next set of quality, original articles!