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When it comes to social media, little has to be said about its potential to accelerate a business’ growth. In fact, for many businesses, the presence of an official company account on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are no longer optional; they’re a necessity.

And yet, social media isn’t just about increasing your digital footprint and improving your community liaising efforts. When managed correctly, social media and search engine optimisation – or SEO – can work in tandem to deliver a great experience for your new and returning customers, and potentially give your organic rankings a nudge in the right direction.

Search engine algorithms are forever-changing in effort to match the habits of their users, so it’s no wonder why social signals are held in such high regards. In fact, according to Searchmetrics’ SEO Rank Correlations and Ranking Factors 2014, social media signals accounted for six of the top ten ranking factors for high-performing websites in organic search results. That means not just visibility on the social media platforms your business is on but may also mean more visibility for user search queries.

Even so, the relationship between Social Media and SEO isn’t just a one-way street. Just like social media can drive visits to the website by aiding your organic rankings, SEO can aid your social media efforts by driving people to your social media pages and helping to increase your click-through rate on posts. This is done by optimising your website to utilise social metadata to improve how your website appears when linked to in social posts. 

Social Media and SEO strategies are fine on their own, but an integrated marketing plan that allows the pair to work together can allow the pair to achieve even greater results. Take advantage of the ever-growing digital space by enquiring about a digital marketing solution from Icon Visual Marketing today!