Update from ICON regarding COVID-19

A search engine optimised blog is in this digital world an essential marketing tool – it’s the number ONE way for your website to be found on Google. Put simple – Google does love a good blog. Its fresh content filled with great links to other sites, blogs, articles and social. And we all know how Google loves new.

But really, what is blog and how can I use it to interact with my customers?
A good place to start with a blog is to think about the questions you often get asked by your customers. Use your blog to address these. Does your business use a unique technology that would be of interest to your customers? Tell them more about it. Better yet, show them with a low cost video tour – your smartphone can do this easily.

Not sure about how Social media fits in with your business? A blog is really a great introduction to social and it gives you the opportunity to start talking about areas of interest to your customers.

Icon Visual Marketing is not an SEO or Digital Marketing Company. It is a marketing company who understands that online and digital are part of your overall marketing strategy. Contact us to talk about your digital strategy and how it can fit in with your marketing goals.