Update from ICON regarding COVID-19

When using social media for your business, there are some general Best practice guidelines you should adhere to.

  1. Always use URL Shorteners in Blog and Social Media – This is highly measurable and saves valuable posting space. Think Bit.Ly or Google URL Shortenersocial-media-by-the-numbers
  2. Always link content back to the website – that’s our end goal
  3. Think mobile – is the content you have posted relevant for mobile
  4. Respond quickly, respond to everyone and give everyone the benefit of the doubt
  5. Be brief – Facebook 80 characters and under, Twitter 130 characters and under
  6. Be visual – Images are more likely to get shared, retweeted and opened across all social media
  7. Share content from the blog – but post a different intro to the blog before linking your social posts back to the website
  8. Have a social media policy as to what you post, who posts and any approval processes
  9. If you aren’t going to be active, don’t use it
  10. Remember that you on social media to value to your followers and to engage with your customers – not to shamelessly promote your business