Update from ICON regarding COVID-19

We are very often asked by our B2B clients and associates if Social media is right for them and how they can use it to better engage with their audience. Before we recommend a social strategy - combining content marketing with social tools including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc - we make sure they understand, if you are going to use social as a marketing tool, use it consistenly.

In a recent post we shared figures that 50% of company fans prefer to look to a company's Facebook page rather than their website to try learn about your business. Wow. That's huge. Do you have a Facebook page. How regularly do you update it. Did you set it up in the hope to get likes but don't really do anything with it. What's worse than not being on social media is being stagnant on social media.socialmedia

The old adage of traditional marketing is still core to the new trend of social market, consistency is key. If you are going to move into social media for your company, make sure there is a strategy behind it. Understand what your goals are, what conversions are you looking for from social, and how it fits into your overall marketing plan. And most importantly, if you decide to start using social to engage, then use it regularly and consistenly, posting about products, areas, industry news that would be of genuine interest to your audience.

Social media is not a place to gloriously self promote - its a place to engage, listen, interact and get involved. If your not going to do those things, then don't engage in social media. Having no Facebook page or Twitter feed is better than having a stagnant one.