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We hear from clients that they don’t have time for Twitter, and how can we expect them to come up with something clever, witty and interesting to say about their business or their industry every day, or every few hows?

Small ideas are just as interesting as big ones

Small ideas work as well as big ones for tweeting. You might retweet someone, thank a customer or talk about what’s happening in your community. Think about your important upcoming events — product launches, holidays or seasonal events — and see how you can incorporate Twitter into your plans. One big idea can be broken down into several smaller Tweets, focusing on smaller parts of the one big idea.

Below is an example of how any company can schedule interesting tweets on a daily basis.

Monday – Special Promotions

Launch special Twitter-only promotions to your followers. Tweet an offer code that unlocks a discount on your website at checkout, or tweet a secret word that customers can mention to get a discount when they visit your business. Offer a free download to your followers who retweet your offer, etc.

Tuesday – Behind the Scenes

Tweet behind-the-scenes videos or photos that provide access to information that your followers can’t get any other way

Wednesday – Helpful Tips

Create a regular series of Tweets that are informative or surprising, e.g., chef tweets recipes or kitchen tips, fashion boutique tweets ways to match current trends with vintage items

Thursday – News Day

Highlight positive press stories and news about your company, industry or community that your followers will find interesting. Be sure to mention the @username of the reporter or media outlet when you tweet the story. This provides clear attribution and recognizes the source.

Friday – Focus on your people

Highlight the people who help run your company by tweeting photos showing them at work. Retweet the Tweets that relate to your business.

TIP - Follow people from outside your industry to get ideas about interesting content. Be sure to give writers credit when repeating their content in a Tweet. Follow reporters and news outlets that cover your topics, and retweet their relevant comments and insights. Not only will you provide interesting content to your followers; some of those reporters will follow you back.