Update from ICON regarding COVID-19

Great social media content is unique and should invite the viewer to engage. Use your social media strategy to engage customers, interact with them, share what interests you and information that may be important to them. That’s how you’ll grow you a loyal fan base who are interacting with your brand – not just numbers of the sake of bragging rights.socialmedia

An MIT Sloan Management survey of global business executives shows that 86 per cent of managers think “social business” strategies and tactics will be vital in the next few years. Social media has become an important business communication tool – a way to communicate and engage with your loyal customers and with to grow your customer base.

Icon Visual is a full service marketing agency who uses Social media as part of an overall business strategy with measurable goals and objectives. Icon spends a lot of time up front in planning your social media strategy to ensure that there is a strategy to it – not just social media for the sake it.