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When social media first began making its way into our lives many were ready to dismiss it as just another fad. Instead, social media persisted in permeating our social structures until it altered the very way we communicate with each other on a day-to-day basis. Whether you’re a fan of this interconnectedness or not, it’s hard to deny that social media has had a lasting effect on the way we share our lives with each other. However, is it really anything new? Well, yes and no.

Social Media is just another form of networking, and it’s one that you need to be involved in if your business is to grow. In fact, it’s arguably the biggest networking opportunity your business can take advantage of in this digital era. Facebook alone reported that 1.35 billion people are active per month on their social network as of September 2014; combine that with the fact that eighteen to forty-four year olds have been found to check their Facebook account up to fourteen times a day, and you quickly get a picture of how powerful social media can be for your business.

Nonetheless, social media isn’t easy to tame. Consumers nowadays are savvy, and have trained themselves to ignore traditional advertising that may be embedded on their timelines and newsfeeds. Marketers need to create content and media that not only catches the eye while potential customers scroll their feeds, but also entices those potential leads to follow the post. That means eye-catching visuals, provoking content, or an exclusive offer.

There aren’t many other avenues of advertising that allows your business to expose itself to potential customers up to fourteen times a day, and let’s not forget that that’s Facebook alone. When you consider the plethora of platforms in social media – Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn – the opportunities continue to grow. And, with platforms such as Hootsuite to make management of all those pages from one central interface easy, it leaves more time for you to brainstorm ideas to catch the interest of your digital visitors.

Icon Visual Marketing can help your business take advantage of social media by recommending the right platforms and tactics to maximise your exposure and engagement with potential consumers. For social media strategies that take your goals in mind, contact Icon Visual Marketing on 1300 138 984.