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Growing your social media channel fans and followers is an aim of many companies who want to engage more with clients and potential customers. And a smart way to build up your social media fan base is to leverage email to help build your audience, increase response, and strengthen customer relationships.Social-Media-Graphic-WEb

Take a multi-channel approach to growing your opt-in list via mass media advertising, point of sale, QR codes, etc. Consider whether you need to offer incentives for opt-ins, and if so, how you can earn audience loyalty beyond that initial lure. Offer subscribers exclusive access and relevant content based on the expectations you establish during the opt-in process.

If you have a strong email database you use for regular email communications, consider specific emails asking them to join you on Facebook or Twitter or Google +. Chances are if they are interested in what you have to say during regular email communications they will be more likely to follow your social media pages.