Update from ICON regarding COVID-19

And why business needs to listen!

Whether you are a small business or a large organisation – if you are using or considering a social media strategy, your key question should be “how social media will benefit who I am trying to engage with?”

Remember all consumers including social media users engage for their own interest and decisions are usually based on their asking “what’s in it for me”. Knowing this is their driver, as a service provider trying to reach these groups we need to think about “what’s in it for them?”social-media

As a business, you should have some idea about which target markets you are trying to reach and what you expect your social media strategy achieve. Whether you want to educate on your services or increase volume and activity, if your strategy doesn’t provide something useful to your audience, you are unlikely to engage with them and miss out on achieving your objectives.

If your use of social media falls into the trap of always trying to spruik your services, you risk alienating your target audience and potentially wasting your efforts and dollars and ultimately can result in damaging your reputation.