Update from ICON regarding COVID-19

A new survey out by Chief Marketer, 2012 Social Marketing trends survey, showed that the majority of marketers considered social media as an important part of their strategy and more than 92% of all surveyed are currently using it or starting to use it as an overall marketing strategy. Download the full report here

Most of the marketers surveyed are focusing their social marketing efforts on the three largest US social networks: Facebook (89%), Twitter (77%), and LinkedIn (63%).

However, breaking those out into B2C and B2B pureplay responses proves more interesting:

Among the pureplay B2B marketers surveyed who are conducting social marketing, LinkedIn is the channel of choice (85%), outpacing both Facebook (77%) and Twitter (77%).

Among B2C-only marketers who are conducting social marketing, Facebook is most popular at 94%, Twitter hovers at 78%, but LinkedIn drops to 39%.

With new LinkedIn company pages, B2B businesses should be expanding their LinkedIn marketing to make the most of this networking tool for both their corporate profile and SEO efforts.