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Why publish to Google+? Your Google+ page is more than just another channel for your content. The actual number of users on Google Plus is still struggling; just 65,000 users in Australia compared with 13.4million Facebook and 2.79million Twitter1 users. So should you be placing any brand focus on a social network with such few users? The answer is a resounding YES!GooglePlusandSEO

According to Social Media Examiner you should be using Google + to increase your search rankings. “Google+ can help you increase search rankings for your website, but you have to take the time to optimize your page, profile and content,” stated a recent article by James Thomas. “Google+ isn’t just another social media platform; it’s a powerful weapon in your SEO arsenal.”

Google Plus is so effective to help push your SEO rankings because its content is treated by Google just like any other page on the web. Google Plus content is indexed by Google, gaining page rank and appearing in Google’s search results. With the majority of all web searches using Google, you need to be getting your website and your content ranked as high as possible.

Maggie Hibma recently explained on Hubspot why Google+ is more than just another channel for content.

“There have been a lot of changes in the last two years to the way Google finds and prioritizes content in search results, and it's no surprise that Google's search results are becoming more and more influenced by content published within their own platform. Regardless of how Google+ changes in the future, content published to Google+ today is crawled just like other pages and served up as search results. Beyond the content you publish to them, your profiles and pages on Google+ are ripe with opportunities to improve your SEO.”

When posting on Google+, make sure you are linking back to your website any new articles, case studies or videos so you are continually having these pages indexed in Google + and therefore ranking higher on the web


1. Statistics compiled by SocialMediaNews.com.au for July 2014. Stats courtesy: Vivid Social Research Division. Figures correct as of 31/07/14