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Your website needs to evolve with your business, be in line with brand values and messages. However many businesses build there site and assume that’s it, it’s done. However your brand needs to be updated and refreshed every three years to not only match your brand, but to take advantages of design and technology changes.website redesign web

  1. Site resolution doesn't support new screen sizes – If you built your company website just five years ago, you were building It for standard notebook and desktop screen sizes. These sites were built to a specific screen resolution size – generally a smaller screen which leaves a lot of empty space on the left and right of the screen. Responsive design combats this head on to design a website that adjusts to deliver content for the best possible viewing experience. Not sure what responsive design is? Resize our Icon site and you’ll see how the site content will reorganise to ensure you still can read the information easily. This will also resize for your tablet or smartphone.
  2. You can’t update your own site – Unfortunately, some web developers lock you out of your own website unless you pay excessive monthly fees or pay them every time you want to make content or image changes. You need a new website that gives you full access to make changes, add images and add pages when needed.
  3. Your site is built in flash – hopefully there aren’t many of these still around. But sites built in the early 2000’s often heavily relied on flash and we now know that these sites can’t be viewed well on mobile and tablet devices. New tools and software means you can still deliver a fantastically interactive website that can be viewed across all devices.
  4. Your site it slow – 40% of people will leave a site that doesn’t load in three seconds. Load speed is a major factor in keeping visitors on your site and also in your SEO programs. Older technology sites load slower than new technologies – it’s time to update your site.
  5. You can’t find yourself in search engines – Unless you are a major brand that everyone knows and searches directly, you need your site to be found in search engines or you may as well not be online at all. Sites need to be built with search engines in mind – if you built your site even just three years ago, Google have made numerous algorithm updates that your site needs to optimise for.
  6. You can’t integrate with social media – When your site was built, Twitter and Instagram may not have existed. Your site needs to integrate better with your social media and support your content marketing efforts.
  7. You’re sick of the design – Looking at the same website for three years can get boring, and if you can’t update content, can’t view it on a mobile device, every time you look at it you are probably annoyed as well. A website redesign can refresh your marketing and even reinvigorate your marketing campaigns.
  8. It’s time to take stock – Reviewing your website is a great time to review your overall marketing strategy. Make sure you are clear with your key messages, your target audiences and what makes your business unique to the competition.
  9. You’ve stopped getting website enquiries – Your website is no longer delivering enquiries, in fact, you can’t remember the last time you’ve got an enquiry through the site. This could mean you aren’t being found in Google or that your site simply isn’t geared for people to want to make an enquiry.
  10. Your competitor’s sites are sooooo much better – Your competitors may have launched a new website recently that takes advantage of new technologies, is sexy and draws visitors in and through the site to make an enquiry. It’s time for you to update your site as well.

Icon Visual Marketing is a full service marketing agency that focuses on the delivering to our customers the right tools and solutions to sell and add value to your business. Icon's approach to web design is not just about attention grabbing aesthetics, but about functionality, ensuring that visitors to your site can navigate with ease and intent.