Update from ICON regarding COVID-19

A recent study by CitiXsys found that 85% of Australians are regularly shopping online, and 52% of people surveyed find online shopping more convenient than in-store. Given that online sales are an increasing trend in Australia, is your business or website ready to capture online sales?

Building an eCommerce-enabled website was once only the domain of major retailers and businesses, but it is a lot simpler a process than you might think. Here are five things you need to know to build your online shopping experience.

  1. Safety and Security are still of paramount importance for online shoppers. To prove your site is a safe and secure environment, you will need to purchase an SSL certificate to deliver the reassurance that you are protecting the personal and financial data of your customers.
  2. Having an easy payment gateway that shoppers are familiar with goes a long way towards ensuring once a customer has filled their shopping cart that they are more likely to go ahead with the purchase.
  3. Having a spreadsheet of items you will be selling online complete with inventory, unit cost, shipping cost, and all variables to the item (i.e. colours, sizes) will mean the catalogue on your site can be easily created and updated.
  4. Working with a trustworthy web provider can ensure you aren’t locked in with a specific platform that you can’t access or use yourself, or limited in terms of how many items you can list and sell.
  5. Make sure your site can be found! There truly is no sense in building a great eCommerce website that nobody knows about. Once you have the site up and running, investing in ongoing digital marketing campaigns can drive quality traffic to your website to purchase.

Icon Visual Marketing are experts at designing and developing highly effective eCommerce websites that are easy to update and each month deliver sales. Contact us today to ask about how we can help your business grab some of the increasing sales being made online.