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I recently built my first home and I can see that building a website is just like building a house – well kinda.

Think of it this way, you’re looking at buying a block of land and building a new house on a street that you love. Setting up a website solution for your business is very similar (except for the fact that a website is not a house...I know…).

Location, location, location
So you first select the location or street where people will visit. This will essentially be your address. It’s how people will locate you. Just like a domain name, you will be finding an address for people to find your website.

House and Land Package vs Owner Builder
Do you want to buy off the plan from a project home builder or be creative and adventurous and have your dream home designed by an Architect or Draftsman and Build it yourself!

Most project home builders will offer home and land packages and restrict you to a set design list for the homes and charge a bomb for variations. Similarly, some web companies will have their list of website templates to make it cost effective up front, but make their cream on variations and ‘adding flexibility’. Overall – you will get a website, however you will be limited to what you can change and sometimes even restricted to making even the smallest changes. Imagine, your dream home – but if you want to move that couch, you have to call the builders to do it for you.

Alternatively, how about having someone design your home and organise the building and – wait for it – hand you the keys so you can decorate and design it to your taste. That’s essentially how we approach our website design and developments. We create the website, ensure everything is there for launch –copy, images, gallery’s, keywords, google mapping etc – and the we give you the power – a personalised manual and series of easy to follow steps to how you can update and change your website to suit your business.

Land Rates
It’s just another bill right, and who knows where the money goes. But no matter which council you are part of, you cannot avoid land rates. They are the cost to maintain your position within the suburb.

Website hosting, like council rates, is what you pay to maintain your presence in your location, in this case, the World Wide Web. We like to think that all councils are equal as we can’t just choose to be part of a council on the other side of town. With website hosting, you can! Be careful though, as generally what you pay is what you get.

Icon Visual Marketing is not a web agency; we are a full service marketing agency. We will tailor a solution for you and your budget. This includes custom website designs, development that is flexible with the use of IconCMS and business grade hosting to back it up. Your dream home just became a reality!