Update from ICON regarding COVID-19

By 2013 mobile phones will be the most common device used to access the internet. This is no longer just a future statement where change will come - its happening now.

In Australia, 60% of all mobile users have smartphones and are increasingly are accessing content on their smartphones.

A recent Australian survey* conducted has shown that:

  • Almost half of smartphone users research or review purchases on their phone
  • 37 per cent of smartphone internet users have actually made a purchase on their smartphones
  • More than a third of smartphone internet users have compared product prices on their mobile phone before going in-store to purchase – almost a quarter have actually checked pricing while on the shop floor.
  • The smartphone is becoming the first point of research for a majority of internet users. More and more customers are beginning their “buying” process on their mobile phones.

Have you looked at your website on a smartphone. Is it easy to navigate? Do the menu’s work the same as they would on a desktop? Are the finger touchpoints for users easy?

Your website needs to be optimised for mobile – fewer choices, larger fonts and cleaner user interface are the key to giving customers a positive viewing experience of your website via mobile.

Not sure where to start, contact Icon for a mobile review of your online activities