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The marriage of design and content in website creationjpeg

There was once a time where web design and content were siloed, destined never to meet until their union on a web page. However, times and viewing habits have changed thanks to advancements in mobile technology and content consumption behaviours.

In many cases, design was the driving force behind the creation of a website. Over ten years ago there was a trend in website design known as ‘Above the Fold’ (ATF), where the aim was to ensure all content was located above the ‘fold’ of a laptop screen (no scrolling needed). Which is basically the bottom of the screen, as indicated in the image below:

In fact, this method was originally conceived for newspapers, where it made sure the exciting content was displayed at the top, enticing people to buy the paper from the newsstand.[1]

However, with the advancement of screen technology, the requirement for ATF started to lose its meaning and relevance. With further technological advancements within the mobile device space, people have grown up with mobile phones and tablets, and are now accustomed to scrolling for more content.

Therefore, where this design principal once drove the creation of websites, audience expectation and willingness to scroll down, means content and design have to work hand-in-hand to please a new generation of content consumers. By design and content working together, sites are not only more aesthetically pleasing, but also more efficiently streamlined in terms of content flow.

What does this mean for business? It means higher engagement, a higher rate of leads and a higher rate of conversions, due to a more strategic approach to website creation.

 Where design principals may once have dictated the Call To Action button be at the end of the page, it may now be more relevant to have the CTA in the middle of the page due to the way the copy has been written.

Also, with the incorporation of video and images in to a site’s design, copy could now be reduced from a wordy paragraph to a punchy sentence. That one line may have a better impact on clients than a whole page of writing.

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