Update from ICON regarding COVID-19


For the past few years Icon has been busy helping our clients grow their businesses through redesigning websites, creating marketing campaigns, growing social channels and creating new and innovative ways for a business to standout from their competitors.

During that time the design and development of our own website has been a side project that we’ve been chipping away at as often as time allows. Like a sculpture being shaped gradually over time, with everyday exposing a little more of the design, we are finally able to take a step back and admire our work, and we would love you to do the same.

It’s with great pleasure and pride that we can now reveal our new website

Somethings you will notice:

Five New Icons

When you click on the above link and are transported to our new site, the first thing you will be greeted with is our new elements. Each one represents a value that Icon harnesses for each and every client:

- The Heart = Passion
- The Engine = Drive
- The Brain = Insight
- The Books = Knowledge
- The Brain = Spirit

These elements will play an integral part in all client communications, touchpoints and business collateral.

User Friendly

Utilising the latest in site design trends, we have ditched the copy-heavy format of yesteryear and gone with a more ‘considered’ design. Utilising the long-scroll to our advantage, we’ve gone with a simplified theme by taking a stylised approach melding copy and design in to digestible content. Hovering your mouse over the images will reveal the nature of the content and take you to the desired page.

We are so proud of the work that has gone in to the site and can’t thank enough everyone involved in its creation.