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It’s a good idea to refresh and update your website on a regular basis, and to give it a total overhaul every few years. But before you start totally anew and scratch everything on your existing site, ask yourself one question – Does your business rely on organic search results to deliver customers to your website?

Website redesigns can make an outdated site look good, make the customer browsing experience more positive, but it can also make a highly ranking website virtually invisible in organic search. Your site might look awful, be clunky to navigate and in your opinion outdated, but it may be doing really well with SEO. It would be a real shame if your redesign impacts this negatively.

The single most important factor is understanding how a website refresh / redesign – or moving to a new CMS platform– will affect your organic rankings.
When starting your website redesign project right and not to negatively impact on your organic rankings, make sure you are involving all the right technical people. It will take a collaborative effort between online SEO experts, web designers, developers, copywriters and you to get it right. A website redesign or refresh is a highly involved process that takes many steps that must work in the right order to ensure the right positive outcome.

An SEO website audit is a great place to start your website redesign project. An audit will review you current rankings, include an inbound link analysis, review URLs, the navigation structure, identify duplicated content.website-refresh

The Icon Online Marketing Team combines Web Development specialists, SEO and Social Media experts, Strategic Marketing professionals, Content planners with a Creative Design team, all working hand-in-hand to create interactive and engaging and interactive websites that are functional and easy to navigate. Contact us today for a free no obligation SEO Website Audit.