Update from ICON regarding COVID-19

Welcome to our new responsive design website. To see what I mean use your mouse to narrow the browser window by dragging it in and out. Better yet, grab your iPhone or tablet and see how the functionality adapts to your screen size every time. The content resizes and reorganizes based on your viewing dimensions.

We’ve designed a website that sets the bar on what we can deliver for our clients in terms of mobile IconSiteMockUpfunctionality and usability.

Our website is now optimised for all devices - so if you are viewing our site on a desktop computer, then you will see our normal website layout. Although, if you are viewing our website from your iPad or mobile phone, our site will 'respond' to your device and change it's orientation, sizing, and navigation menu to be more user-friendly for the format you are viewing it with.

Responsive design allows you to reach users in whatever way they're accessing your site, with the highest priority given to content.

While it is a new way of thinking about web design, and requires looking at your site with a slightly different frame of mind, it's also the best way to ensure that your site's users will enjoy using it no matter what device they're using.

Of course, responsive design isn't the only thing new on our site. We enjoyed taking our newly fresh corporate theming from the creative team and transitioning them into our existing brand and transitioning it into a highly functional website. We have over 130 blog articles covering a range of topics including social media, mobile marketing, database and email marketing, strategic marketing and sales planning.

Our goal is to keep the site content-focused; so that users can easily learn about the services we provide and can learn new marketing tactics and ideas from the articles we post.

Why go “responsive”?
In today’s modern world – it is expected that mobile website traffic will overtake fixed internet access by 2014 - it’s imperative that your website is accessible on all devices.

Our major goal going forward is to help our clients adapt their existing websites to meet this trend. In order to demonstrate how it can be achieved we decided to do it ourselves.

Interesting mobile web statistics

  • If a mobile user is not happy with your mobile website, there is a 40% chance they will go visit a competitors
  • If a mobile user has a poor experience on your mobile website, they are 57% less likely to recommend your business other mobile users.

So what are the top three lessons from all this?

  1. If you don’t cater to mobile users, your business will suffer significantly.
  2. A website that is seamlessly accessible on any mobile device is critically important to any business with a web presence
  3. Responsive website design is the best solution for most businesses. 

    Interested in how new responsive website can benefit your business? Contact our online digital marketing team today