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The NSW Government alone spends $12.7 billion annually procuring goods and services. Are you a company who can provide to the government but not sure how to develop winning tenders?The tender process is not just about the numbers, the tender process is about differentiating your business from your c..... Read More
The B2B sales cycle is much different to B2C. The sales cycle for B2C in a typical retail environment is short – people come into your store or your website wanting to buy for their own personal use. However, in B2B and industrial businesses, you are still selling to a person – but they are buyi..... Read More
The new year opens up so many opportunities to assess current marketing programs and results and is a perfect time to develop your own top five resolutions for your business marketing 2013 that will drive sales and grow your business. Here are some ideas for 2013 marketing resolutions that will help..... Read More
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Your brand is one of the most valuable assets of your business – it’s what sets you apart from your competitors. And your brand isn’t just a word or a logo, it’s all the aspects of your business that your customers hold valuable and why they keep coming back. Aggressive competition and marke..... Read More
You may have heard of the buzz word - Remarketing - from your agencies or your marketing people over the past 12 months, but perhaps your still not sure about why you would use it and how it works - below is a brief explanation of Remarketing with one of the world's largest online networks, Google...... Read More
It's easy to find successful people who have experienced failure and successful people who have failed at many businesses before making one a success. So our thoughts for Friday are to take inspiration from those who have failed and failed again only to come back and be a success. Steve Jobs was..... Read More
The internet has changed customer interactions and marketing forever – that’s true. But did the internet and the growth of social networks change the strategy behind marketing – not one bit. For many years companies and agencies have grown by marketing to specific social or online platforms,..... Read More
Many medical professionals do not have a website and do not see a need for one. Often their reasoning is that they are providing a needed niche service that is often based on a particular geographic marketplace, so why is a website necessary? In some cases, websites are not really necessary for med..... Read More
Icon has put together a list of the Top 5 marketing tools any small business needs to succeed. 1. A strategy – A lot of new businesses have a great idea – they are awesome at providing a specific service or making a great new product, but without a strategy, how are you going to turn this idea..... Read More
Traditional marketing always said that Television advertising was used for branding and Digital Marketing was only used for direct response campaigns. Is TV advertising is starting to lose it stranglehold on marketers branding dollars as digital advertising is becoming more sophisticated w..... Read More
When writing my last blog - Make sure your social media is value add, we started looking at some ways to use social media, and how a social media strategy can be formulated. It occurred to me that for some company’s and marketing managers, they judge the success of their social media strategy by..... Read More