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In 2018, Icon Visual Marketing celebrated 15 years in business. In 2003, a small company was formed with a simple idea – to deliver strategic marketing programs that reach your next customer.


Founder Joe Papadatos was previously an Industrial Chemist and brought to Icon his experience in taking highly complicated processes and products and simplifying them into simpler marketing messages.

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As the company grew, this skill has been passed to other members of the team and applied across a wide range of industries including B2B, retail, property, building and construction, and medical.


When Icon Visual Marketing was born in 2003 there was no social media, internet and email for business were still in their infancy, and most marketing activities were focused on printing whether it be a direct mail, press release, brochures, or advertising.

As technology changed and evolved and the new industry of digital marketing emerged, Icon has continued to invest in training and people to offer these services to our clients. However, even today Icon still operates a full Print Production studio that is busy printing a range of collateral, cards, banners, and posters.

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Icon has grown to have internal teams including Strategic Marketers who work face to face with clients to set objectives and marketing plans, a Digital Marketing team who deliver a range of online marketing programs including SEO and Social Media marketing, Web Developers who create our wide range of websites and apps as well as a Creative studio of designers who bring it all to life.

And of course, the Operations team are there to bring it all together and make sure it works day to day.

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Today, Icon is a growing team of over 50 skilled and specialist marketers with knowledge and expertise across all facets of marketing including media, public relations, digital advertising, social media engagement and advertising, copywriting for business and web, web developers, B2B engagement programs and much, much more.

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