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A key difference between a good business and a great one is the culture. Icon Visual adds value to businesses of all sizes to influence change and develop positive cultural outcomes.

By improving their ability to change, organisations can increase their chances of success, both today and in the future. Without this ability to adapt continuously, organisations cannot thrive.

Change is hard for anyone, but anticipating the challenges of change is what’s going to make it possible. It’s all about bringing the right people into the process at the right time.

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What is cultural change management?

Organisational culture evolves continuously from interactions with employees, customers, suppliers and the wider community. It is the backbone of the organisation, the way things are done, and it influences every action and interaction. Whilst some of these influences act as a force for good, others can result in the development of practices which act negatively on the image, ethos and profitability of the organisation. The need for culture change may become apparent from 'trigger signals' but it also may be required following a merger or acquisition or a change of leadership.

Organisational culture change shakes up the existing culture and aligns fresh beliefs and behaviours with the vision, values and purpose of the organisation. Icon Visual Marketing works with businesses to firstly understand their culture and then to map the way towards the creation of a strong culture which will enable the organisation to thrive.

What are the benefits of managing cultural change well?

Strong company cultures = successful businesses. When beliefs and behaviours are aligned with strategy and vision great things can happen. The converse is silo-driven, disengaged, back-biting, unprofitable failure. 93% of executives hitch their companies long term success to their ability to innovate.

But company culture is not just purely about innovation. Risk management, compliance, reputation, creating competitive advantage, employee engagement; all these and more stand or fall on the back of the organisation’s culture.

Every organisation has a culture. Whether the culture benefits or hinders the long-term future and growth of the organisation is down to the way in which the culture is designed and delivered. Icon Visual Marketing can get the best out of your people and deliver a stronger culture for your organisation.