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With a lot of negativity around environmental credentials of PVC, Australian Vinyls, Australia’s leading manufacturer and supplier of vinyl (PVC) resin, needed to develop a strategy to overcome negativity and increase specification of PVC pipes over competitors’ products.

A family owned business established in 1987, the opportunity to expand to the eastern seaboard meant competing with international and well-established Tier One brands often with global contracts in place.


Immediately identified was the issue that the same distributors of the PVC pipes were also distributors of PE pipes, and therefore were not necessarily promoting the benefits of PVC over PE.

To overcome this issue and to give end users the information they were not getting though their suppliers, an industry wide campaign was developed. The Think Pipes, Think PVC campaign was designed to give engineers, project designers and builder’s up to date information on the benefits of specifying PVC pipes in their next project and to request this from their supplier, thereby driving the conversation regarding product specified.


Think PVC campaign has driven real growth in engineers and project managers specifying PVC pipes in major engineering projects as well as industrial building projects.

This push / pull marketing strategy ran in the Australian market for over 5 years until it was determined a success in achieving the objectives.

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