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Delkor Rail has a very niche B2B audience due to the highly technical nature of their railway track and rolling stock products, many which are unique in the market place.

One of their most unique and newest innovations is Platform Gap Filler. A hard-wearing rubber strip that is mounted along the edge of the train platform to reduce the gap between the platform and the entrance of a passenger train, allowing the safe entry and exit of passengers. Platform Gap Filler has been installed across Australia as well as key international locations such as MTRC in Hong Kong, Heathrow Airport and the Toronto Airport Express line.


With such unique and industry changing products, brand awareness was the number one priority. A combined SEO and Content strategy was put in place by Icon to ensure Delkor Rail was top of search and of mind. As the program grew, the strategy also encompassed LinkedIn organic to drive authority in this field. Delkor Rail also participate in global conferences.


Off the back of projects in Australia and thanks to content being widely distributed about these successes, Delkor Rail began in-track trials with Heathrow Airport and has a global customer base that includes work in Canada, Spain, Mexico, UK and Russia. There unique offering has become a critical part of the delivery of many projects locally as well including Sydney’s Metro and Sydney Harbour Bridge.

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