Australia's premium alcohol removed wine


Edenvale is Australia’s leading and most premium alcohol removed wine, sold through retail outlets and direct to consumers online. Low alcohol and alcohol removed wine is a globally growing category. In Australia, it has been available for decades but is still not marketed at the level of low alcohol or non-alcoholic beer.

With low awareness and understanding within the ‘Alcohol Removed’ category, shoppers often perceive the products as juices, not wines. There is also a lack of understanding in the market as to why there is a need for alcohol removed wine. Generally speaking, consumers have not made the connection with occasions where alcohol removed wine has real benefit.


Having successfully refreshed its brand and updated its packaging in 2017, in the second half of 2018 Edenvale shifted its marketing efforts from brand awareness to engagement.

The brief was to build on the success of the previous year’s brand awareness campaign, and drive consumer engagement with the Edenvale product. Icon Visual Marketing was challenged to increase Edenvale’s ROI versus 2017.


Icon developed a Spring-Summer campaign based around the creative concept of, “Good nights means great mornings with Edenvale”. The campaign would engage consumers by underscoring the message that, as Australia’s leading alcohol removed wine with 0.0 standard drinks per glass, Edenvale lets you celebrate every night and wake up feeling great the next morning.

This messaging was delivered to the market and to consumers via PR, Search and Display advertising, Google shopping ads, Video advertising, Organic/Paid social media, Facebook competitions, and Influencer marketing.


The campaign ran from September-December 2018 and overall delivered a 30% increase in engagement, achieved primarily through budget retargeting, more dynamic creative (video, animation and photography), and three specifically targeted stories for three key target markets. Other takeaways for Edenvale included:

  • Social advertising results doubled in brand awareness, engagement and leads versus 2017 campaign.
  • Users were more engaged, spending 100% more time on site versus 2017.
  • Increased ROI, with significantly lower cost per conversion rate.
  • Increased CTR across all advertising mediums.

These results exemplify Icon’s capacity for thinking outside the box to deliver creative concepts and targeted marketing strategies that deliver tangible results for our clients.