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Increase sales and leads with our expert online advertising management services. Icon Visual Marketing constantly deliver results and help our clients to take their online advertising to the next level. Google AdWords PPC is by far the biggest and the most important supplier of Pay Per Click services in Australia. Icon has been a Google Partner Agency since the beginning of the program with a team who are all certified Google specialists and continually upgrade their skills in line with new features and opportunities through Google.

Private network advertising

Very similar to advertising on the Google Display Network, private network advertising is often applicable to very niche markets where there are some key websites that serve the industry, or they are a private publisher, like a newspaper group. Similarly to Google Display, Icon create enticing and industry relevant display ads to ensure your marketing and business objectives are being met

Social Media Advertising

Advertising on social is nothing new, it’s just more out in the open and there is a lot more of it which is why you have to be cleverer about it. While the targeting opportunities can vary from each platform, having a solid understanding of the target audience and the action we want from them from the outset is important to ensure the right communication to the right people. With in-house Social Media experts partnering with digital marketing dyno’s, Icon create social media ads and marketing that gets cut through

Google AdWords – Display

Google Display advertising on the Google Display Network (GDN) has sometimes been seen as the poor cousin of search, when really its objective is different. Google Display is great when you want to target brand awareness, or build demand for a new product where the category is not really defined so people aren’t using search to find it, as they don’t know it exists.


Icon is a certified Google Partner for Display and with our award winning creative studio just a few metres away, we not only have great placements and costs, we ensure the creative is engaging and enticing for the target audience. Our in-house video team also work closely with digital marketing strategists to create and deploy video to deliver results.


Google AdWords – Search (PPC)

Icon Visual Marketing’s Pay Per Click services are effective to achieve multiple objectives including:

Create Brand Awareness
Increase relevant visitors to your website
Attract enquiry details
More leads convert to sales
Profit from sales

Online advertising with Google AdWords has proven over and over again to deliver quality sales leads for companies across a range of industries targeting both B2B and B2C target markets.


Navigating the Google AdWords set up and campaign management can be a time consuming and complicated task for business owners who have other areas of the business to place their focus on. Icon’s team of Google PPC specialists can set up your account for optimum results or take over an existing PPC campaign you may have and help optimise for best results. For many clients, when we take over their account and re-order and optimise, we can deliver much higher quality leads for considerable less spend each month.