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Since its inception in 2003, Icon’s focus has been on working with property developers across the state to set marketing strategies, develop brand identities and establish their position within the community. Our specialist property marketing consultants have worked with many property developers including :

  • Gregory Hills, Dart West
  • Camden RidgeView (sold out), Private developer
  • Wilton Junction – Bradcorp, Walker Corporation, Macarthur Developments, Lend Lease
  • West Appin – Walker Corporation
  • Harrington Grove, Harrington Estates
  • Harrington Park – Harrington Estates
  • Catherine Park Estate – Harrington Estates
  • Emerald Hills – Macarthur Developments
  • Barkers Mill – Macarthur Developments
  • Menangle Park – Dahua Australia
  • 1881, Tullimbar – Dahua Australia
  • Avante apartments – Ianni & Co Property and Colliers


Icon Visual Marketing are experts in working with single property marketing projects as well as large multinationals on multiple development projects. We have the experience and knowledge in successfully engaging the target market for your property development, as well as continuing to drive leads and sales for the many years it can take to fully realise a new community.

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In property marketing, branding plays a major part in the purchasing experience. More than a block of land or a 4 bedroom house, we are selling a lifestyle, a vision that the purchaser can see themselves a part of. Communicating this through the brand and branding elements is key.

The brand is not just a logo on a page. The brand is how all the elements that make this property development unique are communicated in marketing including advertising, signage, brochures, online etc. It is the underlying uniqueness of this property development that make people think “this is a great place to live, why would to live anywhere else?” The brand needs to give the buyer confidence that the quality matches the price. Branding is not a marketing gimmick, it is a should be a driving force in any property company’s strategic planning.


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Property development is a long term and sizable investment regardless of the size of the site or estate, and one that can start years before the first resident ever moves in.

One of the keys to why one development can demand more per square metre than another, just minutes away, is marketing.

Just like most products on the market, there is a lifecycle that developments go through, and knowing how to market through each stage of the lifecycle is the key.

  • It is often asked how early marketing should get involved in the direction of your property development. Marketing can be a great tool to employ early on, to help define research and trends that help set the vision for the estate.
  • Once the vision is set, now it’s really time for marketing to kick into gear, developing the marketing strategy and key messages that will help people to understand the vision for the estate and to give the development consistency of brand.
  • The lifecycle of a development can be years. A small development may take possibly 2-3 years, whereas a 2,500-dwelling development is more like 10 – 15 years. So, selling the dream the right way at the very beginning, is imperative – you want to give buyers the right cues and tips that will help you gain maximum return per square metre.
  • This is now the delivery upon the vision that your marketing has set. Building the development in a way that is true to the vision, and perception, that marketing has created is key to the successful launch and longevity of your property development.