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Icon Visual Marketing can create advertising schedules and creative resources that are integrated with your overall marketing objectives and strategy.

From recommending the right media placements, to developing the creative resources – whether it be print, online, radio, or television - to buying the media and providing ongoing reporting and analysis of your campaign, Icon Visual Marketing create advertising programs that are designed to achieve your marketing objectives.

Television Advertising

Television advertising has traditionally been seen as too expensive for smaller businesses. However, with the introduction of digital television, as well as the rise in the number of Pay TV subscribers, television has become a more affordable option. Our creative team can produce your television commercial from storyboarding, sourcing talent, location shoots through to post-production and editing for highly competitive rates.

With experience in television buying, the team at Icon Visual Marketing know exactly how to negotiate on your behalf and get the right rates and spots to match your campaign. Having up-to-date knowledge of the current market and trends ensures that our team can guarantee the best return on your investment.

Online Advertising

Using the latest research and trends, and matching our client's needs with high traffic networks and sites enables Icon to create the most effective online communication plans.

Radio Advertising

With such fragmented listener audiences and a range of stations means advertising on radio can be daunting for many businesses. Icon Visual Marketing pride themselves on having the skills and experience to use the power of radio to its fullest.

Print Advertising

It's often said that there is a magazine title to suit every hobby or business in Australia. While that may be true, it the experience and the understanding of trends and research that allows Icon Visual Marketing to recommend the right mix or magazine or newspaper advertising and to create effective, cut-through, call-to-action print campaigns.

Outdoor Advertising

From bus advertising to capital city billboards, Icon Visual Marketing can advise the best outdoor media to match your target audience and develop eye-catching creative resources to grab commuter's attention.