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Traditional marketing always said that Television advertising was used for branding and Digital Marketing was only used for direct response campaigns. Is TV advertising is starting to lose it stranglehold on marketers branding dollars as digital advertising is becoming more sophisticated with the integration of social and mobile into the search habits of consumers?

From this year’s Asia’s Top Digital Brands study, some of the findings were quite revealing about which industries and Brandingcountries are making the most of digital media. For one thing, global brands aren’t the only ones who have recognised the importance of digital media today. While at the regional level, global brands top the list of most recognised brands using digital, local brands are increasingly using digital to communicate with consumers.

At a recent Google conference day held in Sydney, the talk was all about how digital display advertising – previously the ugly little sister to search advertising – is now all grown up and ready to deliver brand messages for marketers. Search advertising is a mature market, so perhaps our next opportunity needs to come from the digital display network to not only drive traffic and conversions, but for your brand to engage and interact with customers the same way TV advertising does.

At the core of Digital Display advertising is creativity – branding needs to build emotion and create an attachment from the consumer to the brand

“For brand building to succeed in digital, advertisers need great creative that can win over hearts and minds. This path plays with reputation, passions, affinity, affection, sentiments and other emotions. While brand building may not be as measurable as driving clicks and conversions, it has measurable aspects to it. There are business goals behind every brand, goals to ultimately motivate individuals to take action in one or more ways that benefit the brand. These goals are modeled as a customer ourney from awareness to action through the purchase funnel.” Building Brand Engagement with Display Formats, Google Double Click and Dynamic Logic