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Local events and in store promotions are an effective marketing strategy used to drive in-store traffic and sales. Traditional marketing with the addition of social media can widen your audience and attract more people than ever.

Icon recently worked closely with King Street bakery café Bakers Maison to create a major event for one of the biggest days of their calendar year –Bastille Day, the French National Day of celebration.

Creating the Event
As a traditional French-style bakery, each year Bakers Maison commemorate the momentous day of French democracy. Icon saw this as an opportunity to celebrate and promote the store by offering free croissants with purchase for the hard-working people of Sydney, starting from 7am until 6pm. The afternoon then saw patrons offered some of the best of France with a free wine and cheese tasting.

Attracting Visitors to the Event
To attract an audience to the store to try the coffee and croissants for the first time, Icon worked closely with the Bakers Maison team to create an in-store event using Facebook and other social media channels to promote the event and build awareness in the Sydney CBD.

Icon achieved significant awareness of the event using paid and organic online promotions of the event as part of the overall marketing strategy. This was done using a targeted Facebook media advertising campaign that pinpointed key geographic locations within the city.

Measuring the numbers

  • 36,000 people reached in week leading up to event
  • 2,400 engaged users viewed the event
  • 565 responses to the event, with 428 interested parties
  • Approx. 1500 croissants handed out with purchase on the day
  • New record in café sales for the day

If you are running a Facebook page and trying to attract an audience to your promotion, Facebook Events is a great tool. Facebook Events are easy to set up and combined with targeted online advertising options, let you specifically pinpoint the audience you want to invite to the event.

Since the event, Bakers Maison have continued to attract new customers as well as gain new patrons whose first experience with Bakers Maison was on during the Bastille Day event. The increase in social media activity generated by the event has also continued

Icon Visual Marketing are experts at creating and executing promotions and events to match your marketing strategy and deliver on your marketing goals. Contact Icon today to discuss how we can help grow your business through a range of marketing activities including in-store promotions and events.


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