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We understand how important it is to continue to navigate your business during this challenging COVID-19 time and we wanted to reassure you that Icon will continue to offer our full range of services to you. The focus of your program may need to change for the short-term, and we are here to help you adjust to the circumstances as required.

To ensure we keep our physical distance, we ask that we meet with you via video and teleconferencing, ensuring that we continue to offer you strategy, marketing, and communication support during this period.

In case you are not aware we do have inhouse expertise in issues and crisis communication, which may be relevant for your business. Please reach out if you require assistance.

Our office will remain open, albeit a higher number of staff working remotely.

From a proactive perspective, we are bringing our teams together to identify those strategies and opportunities that are relevant for all of our clients during this period. We will, of course, be doing this with the utmost sensitivity to the gravity of this current crisis.

We remain optimistic despite the seriousness of this pandemic and know that we all have an opportunity to lead by example and assist all of our clients to do the same.

Please contact your client service team at Icon Visual Marketing if you have any concerns.