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Your Complete Business Tool-kit

If you’re looking to take control of your business and enable your sales network to grow their markets and your brand within safe parameters, then Orange Canvas can help deliver this.

Orange Canvas - delivers an eco-system which brings together a suite of impressive capabilities into one centralised hub.

Orange Canvas can provide you with access to localised and personalisable, multi-channel marketing such as digital media, database marketing, on-demand print; signage; event packs; point of sale and uniforms – delivered directly to your sales team or electronically to your customers.

All of this and more can be built into a custom eco-system, giving your sales team everything needed to grow their regions and provide you with consistency and transparency to grow your business and brand safely.

A powerful toolkit at your fingertips

The Orange Canvas eco-system is a unique set of capabilities designed to help sales networks grow and scale safely, strategically and efficiently. Using our five-function approach to sales network marketing, Orange Canvas can support your and help you drive national initiatives, locally.

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As Orange Canvas’s sister company, Icon offers strategic and creative marketing solutions to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our cohesive and strategic approach to marketing will give you access to an ever-growing list of multi-channel activities, allowing for impactful and complementary marketing campaigns at a head office and sales network level.


Our production facility has full print, apparel and promotional capabilities. Everything we create can be done on-demand, exactly when your sales force needs it..


With over 2000m2 of warehousing and storage space, Orange Canvas can take the headache out of warehousing your business tools. Dispatching when you need them.


Our custom e-commerce platforms allow your sales network to personalize and localize all marketing materials using our template builder. This means localised campaigns for your sales force including social advertising, marketing materials and more.


See your network like never before. One of the major benefits of partnering with Orange Canvas is the customized brand hub and the 360 degree view it provides to you. In addition, we can provide monthly or quarterly reports on your entire sales force’s marketing activities and their effectiveness.

Speak to Icon today or visit Orange Canvas to learn more.

Why it works

Engages all stakeholders

A challenge for business is the ability to continue to engage with sales networks and provide appropriate tools to help grow their areas (particularly when they are in multiple locations).

Reduces workload silos

Marketing can become a strain on company time and resources when every enthusiastic sales person comes to you with individual marketing ideas to grow their area. Spending the time to filter through the many requests can detract your attention from overall marketing strategies and business goals. We provide a solution to help minimise this.

Focus on the model, not the medium

Often, the way to grow your brand and gain momentum is the replication of the business model and marketing strategy across all territories. The best way to achieve this is by using Orange Canvas’s eco-system to ensure both the brand and sales force are receiving the support they need.

Total control

Head office has total control and can manage what is available for your sales network. All initiatives, campaigns and products you put onto the platform, can be accessed
on-demand by all sales staff ensuring consistency, efficiency and transparency.

Localised pre-approved content

Using our template builder technology, you can give your sales network the localised content they crave without the draining capacity in head office. Giving your sales network more time and capacity to grow the brand and business with greater impact and less risk.

Always on-demand

Your sales network will have 24-hour access to on-demand resources such as personalized flyers and branded collateral, email newsletters and promotional asserts. All of which can be personalized for their areas/territories and either printed or delivered electronically to help attract customers. They can even purchase media for Facebook advertising and Google Adwords, giving them control over their marketing spend and your total control over the marketing message.

A lean machine

The eco-system is built to deliver lean, transparent growth for your brand and business. You will have greater understanding on where sales networks are spending and where you should choose to invest or we can provide insightful recommendations based on your data.


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