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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing shouldn’t be underestimated as a solid digital marketing strategy for your business. In fact, PPC Advertising can often be the big driver of leads to your business if it’s properly managed.

Here are 5 reasons how Pay Per Click Advertising can really help your business grow.

1) You only pay when an interested person clicks your advertisement.
Unlike a traditional advertisement where you pay a set amount regardless of performance, PPC advetising only costs you when an interested customer clicks on your ad.

That means a higher possibility of that visitor converting into a customer right off the bat. Why? Because your search advertisement will only appear when that customer has triggered its by typing in a relevant query. After that, if they’ve clicked your ad, you know that person is interested in your service or product; it’s now up to your landing page to get them to contact you.

2) Your budget is designed to suit to your business’ needs.
PPC Marketing isn’t static; it’s a dynamic strategy that can be changed to suit your business’ structure and budget, and it works best when used that way.

You can boost your budget in busy times when you’re certain you can convert visitors into customers, and lower the funds when it’s a slower time of year when people aren’t looking to invest in your services. And, because it’s pay-per-click, you know your budget is being effectively used by customers who are actually seeking your services.

3) PPC Marketing partners well with SEO.
PPC Marketing often returns fast results for businesses, and that partner well with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) programs that take time to start showing results. While you’re implementing those search engine best practices on your website and waiting for your organic listings to rise, PPC can drive visitors to your website and provide your business with a steady flow of work.

4) Expose your business to new markets.
PPC Marketing needn’t be focused on lead generation; in fact, it’s a popular tool for improving your organisation’s visibility on the web. By taking advantage of platforms such as Google’s Display Network, you can spread your brand name across the web and receive a boost in brand exposure. This is great for organisations focused on thought leadership, and can make your business a name that potential consumers recognise when they’re looking for a service that your industry provides.

5) Claim more visibility on search engine results pages.
Simply put, the more your business appears on search engine results pages, the higher the chance your website will receive a click. Along with the traditional ten blue links – or organic listings – in search engines, PPC Marketing can help you claim that vital top spot in the search results for popular keywords. Combine that with an optimised Google My Business listing, and you can potentially claim a majority of the top-third of search engine results pages, or all that above-the-fold area!

Don’t ignore PPC Marketing. It’s already taking a majority of the advertising funds in the digital space, and if you’re not there, it’s likely that your competition is. For more advice on how PPC Marketing can help your business grow, contact Google Partnered Icon Visual Marketing.