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Icon Visual Marketing have worked closely with many leading property developments to set marketing strategies, develop brand identities and establish the development’s position within the community.

Our specialist property marketing consultants have worked with an extensive list of national property developers, including Walker Corporation and Lend Lease, as well as locally-based developments such as Harrington Grove and Gregory Hills.

In today’s tougher property climate, the importance of the right positioning and marketing of your property development is essential, with the power somewhat shifting from the developer into the hands of the buyer.

You need to have clear points of difference and unique selling features as opposed to the other seemingly similar offerings that are in the same area.

Connecting with buyers

Understanding who your potential buyers are is key to connecting and engaging with them. It is vital to not only understand the financial commitment they are making by buying into your development, but also their emotional motivations. After all, this is possibly the house they will raise their children in, a community in which they will put down roots, and where they will make lifelong friends from neighbours. Essentially your development is where they will make a happy life for themselves and their family. This understanding needs to be considered when building a marketing strategy to connect with the right target market.

Tools to engage with your target market

There is no doubt that digital and social media are great tools to use to connect with your target audience, but that does not mean that offline strategies should be entirely passed over in favour of new online strategies.

Print Advertising

Research shows that local print advertising is still the strongest marketing tool to deliver brand awareness for a new or reinvigorated property development. Print advertising can drive awareness of the different types of housing and lifestyles available as well as drive enquiries through strong, call-to-action advertising. Knowing the areas where your potential buyers are coming from avoids wasting advertising dollars outside of the realistic catchment areas. Capturing postcode data through your enquiries as well as testing advertising placements in different regions will give you the insights you need to make considered decisions about where to spend your advertising dollars.


There is no doubt that billboards are a major part of property development marketing. Not only are people seeing the development and the progress stage it is up to, but they also see what the delivery will look like and envisage the lifestyle that they could be living.


Your property development website is a key tool to start selling on the promise of what your development will deliver. The imagery and content of the website will allow potential buyers to understand the key features of your development as well as to start to understand the key points of difference.

An interactive master plan is a great tool to show website visitors what blocks are available. This visual tool allows prospective residents to see the proximity to local neighbourhood centres, parks, access streets, etc.

Sales Office and Marketing Collateral

Delivering on the expectation of the customer experience has often started with advertising and a visit to your website, but the Sales Office is where it gets real. When a customer has taken the next step by visiting your Sales Office, you need to continue to deliver on the customer expectation you have so far achieved via one way communication only. The Sales Office, marketing collateral and frontline sales staff facilitate the journey of the potential buyer along the sales process that could make them your newest resident.

Digital Channels

In 2016, being an industry leader means having visibility across all digital channels and social spaces. There is no doubt digital can hold a place in helping buyers along all levels of the sales funnel, and should be used in partnership with the above mentioned offline activities.

Social media is key for engagement. Updating regularly and allowing interaction with residents and potential buyers can go a long way to building the community that your development is promising.

The scope of any property development marketing strategy is to deliver an integrated communications strategy, including social media, PR and online and offline activities with the overall business objectives in mind.

Before launching into marketing activities, building a long term marketing strategy that includes pre-launch, launch, ongoing selling and activities that can be used when the market slows down.

Icon Visual Marketing are experts in working with single property marketing projects as well as large multinationals on multiple development projects. We have the experience and knowledge in successfully engaging the target market for your property development, as well as continuing to drive leads and sales for the many years it can take to fully realise a new community.