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It's easy to tune out when your marketing agency or digital guru starts banging on about Google's Penguin, but when they mention pandas, pigeons, and penguins, they really aren’t just referring to the office pet.

Google is constantly updating their ranking algorithms to give their users – your customers – the most relevant search results they can. Google Penguin was one of these recent updates to the Google algorithm that targeted “black hat webspam”, or Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tactics such as keyword stuffing or paid backlinks.

But, how does this affect you and your digital marketing plan?

Prior to Penguin, keyword stuffing and paying for backlinks was an effective albeit unethical method for >ranking higher in search engines. Agencies often employed these techniques for their clients which gave them higher ranks but a low quality website and backlink profile. After the launch of Google's Penguin algorithm many of these businesses were penalised due to shady agency tactics which can ultimately result in lost revenue!

If your business has used a digital marketing agency in the past, it's important that you're well-informed about your business' online profile otherwise you may find that you've been penalised for activities that you were not aware of.

SEO isn't about tricking the algorithm. SEO is about ensuring your business' website gives your potential customers the best user experience possible, and ensuring that the users that come to your website are genuinely interested in your product or service. The best way to do this is for your website to work with search engine algorithms rather than seeking ways to fool them!

At Icon Visual Marketing, our digital marketing strategies involve actively monitoring your website's status in real-time to ensure that your online profile is held in high regard by search engines which makes it more likely that your next customer can find you. For a digital marketing plan that is tailored to suit your business, contact Icon Visual Marketing today!