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Social media is a strong marketing tool, however just like other marketing campaigns, it needs to be used as part of an overall strategy and not just a tool for endless self-promotion. As part of your social media strategy, define what your goals and objectives are for social media and use this to guide your posts.

Below are some examples of social media goals and how these can guide your posts

  • You want to educate your customers more about your company – instead of posting large chunks from your About Us section, post some old photos of the company, or start posts with I remember when……Educate your customers while still entertaining them.
  • I want to add credibility to my business – social media isn’t just for B2C it’s also powerful for B2B and this is where thought leadership and building credibility is incredibly important using social. Comment on industry news, link to other articles and provide your comment or create a new post on something you are passionate about in the industry, challenge other thought leaders in your industry. The key to building credibility through social is to use your personality to spark debate and conversation
  • I want to engage my customers – then post engaging content. Yep it’s that simple. In any business, there are key people who have very specific knowledge about your product or service - and it’s not always the MD. Find those people, have a conversation with them, find out what they know and create posts. You make think no one outside your office wants to know this information, but think again.

Still not sure about what content to post, below is a quick guide you can us

Posting Guide