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Google has given businesses and agencies yet another reason why responsive design websites are the way forward. Google has stated that responsive web design is the industry best practice. This means that if you have a regular website – or even a second mobile version, Google may rank a responsive design high higher that yours. responsive web design

And with SEO a core component of everyone’s marketing and business strategy, having a mobile friendly responsive design website is essential.

Responsive Design is a way to ensure regardless of the device that people are using to view your website, they are getting the best browser experience. It’s one URL, one website, one backend CMS to deliver content in the ideal browsing format regardless of your screen size – smartphone, tablet or notebook and PC.

Advantages of Responsive design website:

Accessibility and User Experience - Your website is accessible and easy to navigate regardless of the screen that is browsing it.
Managing your site is easier – One website means there is one backend database to manage – no more sub domains, updating content in different CMS program.
No Duplicated Content - Since in the responsive design only single URL is going to viewable in all devices so don't need two URL’s with the same content. Duplicated content can be a major source of SEO problems. When duplicate content is present, site owners suffer rankings and traffic losses, and search engines provide less relevant results.