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One flexible design - many applications

Need a website that looks great on smartphones, tablets, desktops and more?

Icon CMS fully supports responsive design techniques and provides a wide selection of custom responsive design templates.Responsive-Design

Responsive design means your website responds to the width of the browser, offering you a single website that looks great on any device!

Moving from the desktop to mobile for web browsing has demanded a fluid, one-time design solution that adapts to the viewers medium. Saving time and money, and overcoming the impossible task of custom designing to the ever increasing resolutions and interfaces we deal with has become paramount in today’s financial climate.

Responsive design - How we do it?
Step 1 - Style Tiles are an essential piece in any responsive web design project. They create a visual language in an efficient way and allow designers to communicate to clients just what are the core colours and visuals will be used across the website regardless of the device it is being

viewed on.

Step 2 - Prioritise - A big part of developing a responsive design website is to break down what menu priorities will be most important as the site is scaled down to be viewed on tablet devices and smartphones.

Step 3 - Wire frame sketch - Once the priorities have been set, icon sketch how the site will look on different screen sizes, with the style tiles ensuring that clients know how their corporate colours and branding will be carried across all designs.SchematicsGeneric 300

Step 4 - One desktop concept - By spending alot of time in the upfront planning of your responsive website, your stylish desktop concept will flow through your website regardless of what device is used to view it.