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As a full-service marketing agency, Icon Visual Marketing invests a lot of time upfront in the strategic planning phase to gain a complete understanding of your business. This includes defining the target market, unique selling proposition and key messages.

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Investing time upfront in the strategic phase ensures that the full-service marketing plan we design can be implemented effectively and reaches your business’ prospective customers.

Icon Visual Marketing has a team of strategic marketers who work directly with you to build successful marketing strategies and campaigns that deliver on your business and sales objectives. Our team focuses on understanding your main business objectives and strategically plan the most successful marketing campaign according to your businesses wants, needs, and budgets.

Icon's strategic marketing team is made up of experts across all areas of marketing including strategic planning, market research, social marketing, public relations, online marketing, branding, and advertising.


From recommending the right media placements, to developing the creative assets, Icon Visual Marketing creates entire end-to-end advertising plans to meet your marketing and business objectives. Our full-service agency tailors advertising campaigns that ensure maximum reach across a wide variety of channels. We also provide monthly reporting and analysis to ensure your objectives are being met.

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A marketing plan is like a blueprint for the year ahead. Combining data from your business with industry research, Icon Visual Marketing can develop strategies and plans to achieve sales targets, goals and desired outcomes for your business. Working closely with you, Icon design marketing plans to be living, working documents that you refer to regularly and update where needed to ensure the optimal results.

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Icon Visual Marketing has been built on strong relationships with our clients. These relationships centre around our ongoing strategic consultations, which ultimately bring structure and process to your marketing activities. Following our strategic planning phase, you will be introduced to our broader team who will be working to deliver on your marketing plan. Icon Visual Marketing is a full-service agency, meaning our multi-disciplined teams can effectively become your outsourced marketing team.


“Why should your customers buy from you?” This simple question, when understood and answered correctly, is the fuel of great marketing. Our marketing workshops are designed to get to the very heart of this question and your business. The whole process aims to clearly establish the unique position your business has in the market and how we can best leverage this for great marketing results.

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Icon Visual Marketing harnesses the power of PR as part of a broader marketing strategy to support and grow your brand equity, whilst meeting your marketing objectives. Whether you’re a new start-up or an established brand, our public relations experience ensures your story is being told in the right places by the right media.


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Icon has developed a proprietary monthly report which takes into account both online and offline data and measures them against all marketing activities and your business & marketing objectives. The Marketing Performance Report, or MPI as we like to call it, is our most valuable tool in reporting on campaign successes, ROI and to make ongoing marketing recommendations that are steeped in data, not guesses.