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Our business marketing services are about selling your ideas, trust, confidence, and reputation. Essentially, your brand.

As a full-service marketing agency, we spend a lot of time upfront in the strategic planning phase to gain a complete understanding of your target market, your unique selling proposition, and developing the key communication messages for your brand. We know that by spending time upfront in the strategic phase ensures that the full-service marketing plan we implement is most effective at targeting your business' prospective customers.

Icon's Strategic Marketing Team

Icon Visual Marketing has a team of strategic marketers who work directly with you to build successful marketing strategies and campaigns that deliver on your business and sales objectives. Our team focuses on understanding your main business objectives and strategically plan the most successful marketing campaign according to your businesses wants, needs, and budgets.

Icon's strategic marketing team is made up of experts across all areas of marketing including strategic planning, market research, social marketing, public relations, online marketing, branding, and advertising.

Joe Papadatos, Managing Director, and the marketing team work closely with clients to ensure business and sales goals are clearly translated into actionable tactics and measurable outcomes.

Complete In-House Strategic Marketing

As a full-service advertising and marketing agency, we offer the full range the business marketing services, including:

  • Brand Consultation and Development
  • Marketing and Communication Plans
  • Strategic Marketing Workshop
  • Marketing Packages
  • Outsourced Marketing Consultation
  • Public Relations
  • Tenders
  • Sales Training

As a full-service marketing agency, Icon doesn't outsource anything. In-house, Icon has the capabilities for creative concept design, television commercial and video production, digital marketing and online advertising, advertising planning and booking, graphic design, copywriting, and a range of other activities all designed to meet your sales and marketing objectives.