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Magazines provide a targeted environment for building brand awareness. Research shows that the average awareness for television and for print is about the same. However, when you consider that exposures in magazines cost considerably less than TV, magazines can work much most cost-effectively than TV in delivering advertising awareness.

In Australia, while magazine titles have reduced over the last five to ten years, at one time Australia held the record the most number of magazine titles available on the market, you can still walk into any newsagent and find a magazine on virtually every subject – covering every niche target audience you may be wanting to target.

Magazine advertising effectively drives consumer attitudes and intended behaviour more effectively and efficiently in combination with online advertising. Combining magazines and online advertising have an enormous impact on consumer attitudes and intended behaviour by:

  • Aiding brand awareness at the top of the purchase / sales funnel
  • Brand favourability and purchase consideration/intent at the key conversion and action stages at the bottom of the funnel
  • For ad awareness, magazines and online virtually tied in their contribution

The point is, no one form of media is all powerful. Magazines, like all media can be an effective tool to market and inform but it is important to integrate your marketing platforms and strategies to ensure that they are delivering your overall marketing objectives and goals.



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