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Brand Consultation and Development


Whether you’re a new business starting out or one evolving, your logo, your business and use of a tagline must be spot on in conveying your overall business vision and customer experience - essentially your brand.

Your logo and tagline - your brand is the tangible face of your company, the first thing your customers see and think of. Conveying the right messages from the get go will influence potential customers, or substantiate your current clients perception of your company.

The value of both the tangible and intangible aspects of brand identity and logo development is an essential investment as your brand is the first and last thing to influence your sales.



Branding your business for success

Icon can assist you in designing a brand that will not only resonate with your customers but will also increase your sales and brand identity worth as time progresses.

Our brand designers are experts in communicating the essence of your brand in a simple and graphical way that shows your customers what they should experience when buying from your company.

Think your company needs to rebrand to position itself for success?

Before deciding to rebrand your business, think about the value your business have built up with customers and what your brand means to them? Perhaps you just need a refresh to your existing brand or maybe rebranding is right for you.

Icon Visual Marketing have put together a whitepaper on some things to look out for when rebranding and some simple tips to help you decide if rebranding is right for your business.

A brand spends time, money and energy developing these intangible values and communicating these to the customer. The end result is a business that builds assets to sell, brands that demand a higher price and customers who are will to pay more for the branded product.

Benefits of a strong brand

  • A strong brand influences the buying decision and shapes the ownership experience.
  • Branding creates trust and an emotional attachment to your product or company. This attachment then causes your market to make decisions based, at least in part, upon emotion- not necessarily just for logical or intellectual reasons.
  • A strong brand can command a premium price and maximize the number of units that can be sold at that premium.
  • Branding helps make purchasing decisions easier. In this way, branding delivers a very important benefit. In a commodity market where features and benefits are virtually indistinguishable, a strong brand will help your customers trust you and create a set of expectations about your products without even knowing the specifics of product features.
  • A strong brand can make actual product features virtually insignificant. A solid branding strategy communicates a strong, consistent message about the value of your company. A strong brand helps you sell value and the intangibles that surround your products.
  • A brand will help you articulate your company’s values and explain why you are competing in your market.